About Us

Vapour Society Mozambique

Welcome to Vapour Society Mozambique, pioneers of the vaping revolution in Mozambique since 2016. As the trailblazers who introduced vape products to our community, we’ve not only created a market but also become the leading authority in the industry.

Our journey began with a vision—to offer Mozambicans an alternative to traditional smoking. We’ve dedicated ourselves to educating our community about vaping. Listening to our customers has been at the heart of our success, and it’s your needs that drive us to deliver unparalleled service and 100% authentic, original products at the most affordable prices.

With three thriving retail outlets, we’ve grown to be the largest vape retailer in Mozambique. Beyond our stores, we proudly supply our trusted brands to major retailers, extending the reach of quality vaping products.

At Vapour Society, we don’t just sell products; we offer a lifestyle.

Our mission is clear: assist cigarette smokers in quitting by providing vaping as an alternative which has a greatly reduced health hazard of traditional cigarettes. We maintain a vast selection of high-quality vape gear, ensuring competitive prices without compromising excellence.

Join us in the journey to a smoke-free future. Discover authenticity, quality, and unmatched service—because at Vapour Society, your well-being is our priority.